Al Otaibi (Otaibah) العتيبي

The Al Otaibi is the largest tribe in the Arabian Peninsula. They make up a significant contingent within the Saudi Arabia National Guard and the Royal Saudi Armed Forces, and other members of the Tribe serve in important roles in Government, Diplomacy, and Business.

Al Otaibi can be found throughout the Arabian Peninsula, not just in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Originally some were Bedouin, others lived in towns and cities, many of the Bedouin eventually settled in towns and cities also, including towns called Hijra الهجرة, as part of a settlement plan by His Highness Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, the King and Founder of Modern Saudi Arabia.

Many Al Otaibi also joined the Ikhwan الإخوان, a group of religious purists and fierce warriors who were instrumental in the founding of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the twentieth century.

Members of this Tribe fought against the Ottomans during World War I.

The meeting of the Al Otaibi Tribe is considered to be the biggest family reunion in the world and was held in 2007, in the centre of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Notable Al Otaibi: (Otaibah)

HE Yousef Al-Otaiba يوسف العتيبة

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His Excellency Yousef Al-Otaiba is the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the United States of America (USA). He holds what is one of the most important diplomatic posts of the Emirates.

He became Ambassador in July 2008. He has played critical roles in the development of cooperation between the USA and UAE in security policy, economic policy, and also philanthropy.

Before becoming Ambassador, Al Otaiba served for eight years as the Director of International Affairs for the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, who is also the Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces,
HRH General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan .

Yousef Al-Otaiba obtained a degree in international relations from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, after graduating from the Cairo American College. He also attended the Industrial College of the US Armed Forces at the National Defense University in Washington, DC as an International Fellow.

His father is Petroleum magnate Mana Al Otaiba, who served as the president of OPEC a record six times.

HE Yousef Al-Otaiba (UAE Embassy)  يوسف العتيبة

Hassan Al-Otaibi حسن العتيبي

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Hassan Al-Otaibi (born on October 15, 1977) was a Saudi Arabian football goalkeeper. He played for Al-Hilal of the Saudi Premier League. He wore the number 30. He spent his youth football career also at Al-Hilal. He also spent part of his senior career at Al-Qadasiya.

Al-Hilal Saudi Football Club, also known simply as Al-Hilal, is a Saudi Arabian professional football team based in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh. It plays at the Saudi Premier League and holds 55 official championships. Founded in 1957, it has obtained a record of 40 domestic titles as well as 6 Asian championships, and 7 Arab championships.

Sultan bin Bajad Al-Otaibi سلطان بن بجاد


Sultan bin Bajad Al-Otaibi (1876 -1931) was a leader of the Ikhwan الإخوان movement in Saudi Arabia. He was involved in many campaigns during the consolidation of the Nejd and Hejaz into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with
His Highness Abdul Aziz ibn Saud.

Al-Otaibi was very religious and devoted to Salafi principles. He and his men were involved in many battles, but at the end he and other Ikhwan would rebel against King Abdul Aziz and mount deadly raids in neighboring countries, including in the Transjordan. This rebellion was unsuccesful however, and King Abdul Aziz was able to defeat
Al-Otaibi and his rebel Ikhwan at the Battle of Sabilla in 1929.

Dhaifallah Al-Rogy Al-Otaibi ضيف الله العتيبي

Dhaifallah Al-Rogy Al-Otaibi is the current mayor of Dammam, Saudi Arabia and a former senior executive in the Saudi Oil Conglomerate Aramco. He presides over one of the most important Saudi Arabian cities, which grew from a small village to a major metropolitan area in only 50 years.

Dammam is the capital city of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. One quarter of the world's petroleum passes through the nearby Ras Tanura sea port on the Persian Gulf.

Mutlaq Hamid Al-Thubeiti Al-Otaibi المطلك حميد الثبيتي العتيبي


Mutlaq Hamid Al-Thubeiti Al-Otaibi (September 9, 1937 – July 31, 1995) was a Saudi Arabian writer and poet. He is considered by many to be one the greatest Arabic Poets.

He was born Mutlaq Hamid Al-Thubeiti Al-Otaibi in Taif On September 9, 1937, in 1965 he graduated from the faculty of Sharia Islamic Studies in Mecca, in 1967 he traveled to the United Kingdom where he studied English at the University of Manchester, He returned to Saudi Arabia in the 1970s where he had many jobs including member of the faculty of sharia at the University of Umm al-Qura in Mecca. Al-Thubeiti died on July 31, 1995 during his treatment for a medical condition in the United States.